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Resources To Determine Your Rates

Posted: February 29, 2008

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Coroflot 2007 Design Salary Survey

Whether it’s settling on salary for a full time gig or your hourly rate as a freelancer, determining what
your time is worth is something every designer has to work out.

Once you’ve been working in the field for a while you’ll have a good sense of what your work and time is worth and what the market will bear.

If you’re new or have expanded into a additional areas of expertise, you need to evaluate what you can and should be paid. Even veteran designers should keep tabs on market trends, though. You might be selling yourself short and be none the wiser.

A couple of great resources for sussing out what a fair hourly rate or salary:

  • Coroflot’s annual Design Salary Survey2007 results were just made available
  • Hourly Rate Calculator from Freelance Switch–great for determining how much you need to be making to break even. Includes a lot of things many people forget to take into account.

“What should I be charging/making?” comes up in discussion pretty frequently (online and otherwise). There’s a lot more to write in this area, but we’ll save something for another day.

Have another good source of information the help determine rates? Tell everyone about it in the comments.

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