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Nau We’re Talking

Posted: June 24, 2008

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Nau We're Talking

From the way they source their materials to their approach to retailing, Nau ‘s ambitious approach as an apparel company is revolutionary. (They get bonus points for recognizing the value of unique and well-executed graphic and interactive design too.)

Then came the bad news.

The first part of May, I heard Nau was going out of business. Naturally, I took advantage of 50% off prices across the board. I couldn’t be happier with the items I ordered, but when they arrived I was even more bummed that they were closing up shop. Great quality and style from a company that values unique design and ethical business practices isn’t easy to find.

When you least expect it…great news.

I was excited and happy to read on their blog that Horny Toad has hooked up with the crew at Nau and kicked in some capital to make it possible for Nau to reimagine some aspects of the business and keep things going.

Welcome back and congratulations! Now get back to work. I need some new pants.

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