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Pepsi RAW Logo And Package Design Greatly Improved

Posted: February 18, 2008

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A " natural" marketing angle begets a spare and clean design approach

For monster brands like Pepsi and Coke, diversification of their lines are really the only way to see a sales increase. The beverage market worldwide is enormous and continues to see increases in sales among premium brands in general, but especially those with a more natural or healthful appeal.

Ziggurat Brands (London) has unveiled their design for a new Pepsi International brand, Pepsi RAW. The new take on Pepsi with more natural ingredients in place of artificial uses cane sugar instead of corn syrup, apple extract as a flavoring, etc.

Their trademark application filed last spring included a much rougher, more rock-n-roll take on a logo. They smartly took it in a very different direction. Beyond trend, consumers that find natural products appealing also tend to be attracted to clean, spare design. Ziggurat nailed the design with less emphasis on the ubiquitous Pepsi logo and more on the short, iconic RAW type that reads vertically. They smartly avoided an overly organic or rough look that would deviate too far from existing design across the rest of the line and and appeal to a smaller market segment. Being simple, clean and modern conveys that the product inside is also less complicated and artificial.

I haven’t seen anything that confirms whether or not Ziggurat’s package design will be carried over to a US version, but I wouldn’t expect to see it hit markets here for at least another year.

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