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Powazek’s People Powered Picture Product Pixish is Live

Posted: February 10, 2008

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pixish logoSF-based designer Derek Powazek‘s latest online baby Pixish is live.

What’s Pixish?

"Pixish is a place where people who want images and people who make images can easily find each other and collaborate on creative projects together."

Say you’re a publisher and need an illustration, photo, etc. Either you find someone suitable to do the work and hire them or you use some hopefully-not-horrid stock. Neither is easy and there’s a lot of under-served middle ground. Perhaps as a publisher, you’re small and don’t have a large enough budget to not buy crappy stock. Perhaps as an illustrator, designer, painter, photographer…you’re not well established or just aren’t able to effectively market yourself. Pixish help out in both situations (among others).

The peer review aspect is a smart component. I’m eager to see how it all works out. Pixish will definitely be occupying a good amount of my free time in months to come.

The concept is good and the site is gorgeous. Good job, Pixish crew.

2 responses to “Powazek’s People Powered Picture Product Pixish is Live”

  1. Razvan says:

    I take from this that you’re ok with spec work?

  2. Jason says:

    In some contexts, sure. It’s a bit reactionary to say, “Spec is evil, don’t ever do it.” I tend to be more of the philosophy that spec is usually a bad idea. That’s beside the point because pixish isn’t spec. 🙂

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