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The cobbler’s kids finally get some new kicks

Posted: January 31, 2008

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Once a website is launched it’s way too easy to sit back, breathe a sigh of relief, and call it done. This seems to be especially true for those of us that do a fair amount of the stuff for a living.

I’m taking some of my own advice–to stop ignoring my websites and start making more frequent content additions. You’re looking at step one. The other is my business site that lives over here.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve done much to update to this site. Up until now, its only purpose was to be a place to park my portfolio and CV. I hadn’t given a thought to rebuilding it around a blog until I started working out the architecture and content for the new DROPKICK site. A weblog is one of the central features there, but I’d like to target the topics there to current and potential clients.

Since I needed to bring my portfolio site up to date anyway, I realized it would be a good place to park those topics that wouldn’t necessarily be of interest to my current or potential clients but relate to graphic design, web development, software, etc.

I went back and forth between Expression Engine and WordPress a few times before I made a decision on the platform I was going to build from. They both have advantages, but ultimately it came down to WordPress. Not because I feel it’s necessarily better than EE, but because I wanted to see how well it’d serve as a complete CMS for the site with a bare minimum of hacking. My spec for the site required the following: a portfolio section, a separate–but linked–blog, and a home page that pulls in data from both portfolio and blog posts dynamically.

It’s turned out to be a relatively quick and painless process. I still have some bits to fiddle with and features to implement as the amount of content increases, but I’m calling it 95% complete.

I haven’t done anything super complicated, but if there’s any interest I’d be happy to write a short tutorial series on exactly what I’ve done behind the scenes. Send me an email or post in the comments if you’re interested.

2 responses to “The cobbler’s kids finally get some new kicks”

  1. Tom says:

    Yep I have been on the search for a suitable CMS platform for building sites for clients for ages. I had settled on WordPress as well as it’s great for producing certain types of sites, however I’ve actually ended up building my own little system, horses and courses and all that… Would recommend WordPress though as a general choice as it gives the client quite a bit of control over the content, there are a lot of plugins available, such as the SEO ones. Skins are incredibly easy to add and fairly simple to setup. I’d say for a semi-technical web designer, customising WordPress and using as a CMS is a good approach to take.

  2. Alice says:

    very interested! i love wordpress and need to use it more for my freelance websites 🙂

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