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Selected Work : Columbia Forge Website & Identity

Columbia Forge and
Machine Works
  • Web Design
  • Identity Design
  • Web Development
  • Art Direction
  • WordPress Development

Through initial design explorations, it became apparent that the existing logomark for Columbia Forge and Machine Works would be a limiting factor in the creation of an improved design concept.

A company that’s been around as long as Columbia Forge and Machine Works deserves to be represented as such. The existing mark didn’t convey any of the experience and expertise that comes with time. The updated mark utilizes key imagery from the existing mark in a more polished and clean way. This pairs with more unique type that strengthens the overall look and lends a bit of heritage to the mark.

The design concept for the website incorporates the refined logo as part of a more unified identity with strong type and striking photography.

Tags: Web Development, Web Design, Identity Design, Art Direction