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Selected Work : Smith Teamaker Website

Smith Teamaker
Sandstrom Partners
  • Web Development
  • Application Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Magento Integration

A new tea venture from Steven Smith, the creator of Tazo and Stash, Smith Teas are handcrafted in Portland (really) and have succeeded in converting me to a bit of a tea drinker. The site does a good job of representing the brand’s basis—heavily rooted in centuries-old tradition with a keen eye on simplicity using the absolute best ingredients available.

A noteworthy feature is the Batch Lookup. Each box of tea is marked with the batch number which is linked to an online database where the customer may look up the origin and harvest dates of every ingredient in the package.

Everything is built atop WordPress and Magento (eCommerce) with a dash of custom PHP to manage the batch lookup system.

Tags: Web Design, Web Development, Interface Design