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Selected Work : Sweetpea Bicycles Website

Sweetpea Bicycles
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Information Architecture
  • WordPress Development

Sweetpea Bicycles is Natalie and Austin Ramsland. Natalie went to grad school for architectural design and spent six years as a bike messenger in Portland, but decided in the end that the most important degree she could get would be from the United Bicycle Institute. She spent five years studying bike fit under Michael Sylvester, co-founder of the Serotta fit program. Now she builds gorgeous custom bicycles especially for women.

Natalie and Austin had been blogging with WordPress for a couple of years, and had built up a nice following. Following on the heels of a complete identity overhaul that had lots of personality, they needed to whip their website into shape while keeping all of the great content they’d already created intact.

Their entire site is still driven by WordPress. It’s just a far more customized installation to provide greater control for layout, functionality, and publishing.

The overall approach was to keep things a clean as possible, with some nice touches with typography. The interface for the blog is primarily photo-centric while still exposing appropriate text to be readable to search spiders and to provide accessible navigation for alternative browsers.

Tags: Web Design, Web Development, Interface Design